Neighbour’s Shed – Update

Hello Everyone!YASD.PNG

I wanted to give you guys a little shed update. I wish it was more of a completed project but its not, so for now it’s an “update”. As seen on Instagram, I painted my neighbours shed with their permission of course! It’s literally on our properly line so it does look like ours, so I figured it might as well match our yard/house.

Before painting I ripped out the tired looking lattice and plan to replace it with our old deck boards and do the same design as the front of the shed once the driveway has been paved.




After that, I did a light sand to both sides of the shed to flake off the old white chippy paint. Once that was completed, I painted the shed Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore (the same colour of our house). The new paint job really transformed the shed but it was still looking dull and boring, so I added 3 vintage windows to each side of the shed that I picked up at the Christie Antique Sale.

The windows totally add character to the shed and we love it! Once the windows were up, I started to build flower boxes out of old deck boards for each window. So far, I’ve only made one.. but I plan to make the other two this weekend!

I also ordered a solar panel barn light for the shed to go above the window facing the road! Once the shed has FULLY been updated I will share with you again!


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