Lake Reno – Update #2

Hi Everyone,

Over the weekend Mike & I had some help ripping down our old rotten deck. While we were onto the final stretch of deck demo I changed out of my work boots and into my flip flops as my feet swell when they get too hot (big mistake)… because I stepped back onto a GIANT rusty deck nail! Long story short I had to go to the clinic to get my tetanus shot and stay off my foot which isn’t ideal when your life/job requires you being on your feet. So, with that said, I’ve been held up because of this damn deck nail. However, I am finally able to put some weight on my foot today (day 4).IMG_0465

Anyways, I told you this information because nothing in our home has been done since  my injury. However, I posted some photos of us slowly moving back into our little home and wanted to share them with you.

I just ordered summer prints from Minted that I plan to frame and add beside the vintage window. And as for the coffee table, I plan on making a one.


I added all my sources below 😊

Curtains – Target

Curtain Rod – Ikea

Pillows – Ikea

Desk – Wal-Mart

Chair – JYSK

Couch – Leons

Lamp – Wal-Mart

Window – Found

Clock – Christie Antique Sale

Throw Blanket – HomeSense

End Table – Yard Sale (I gave it a makeover)

Wall Colour – Owl Gray by Benjamin Moore

Flooring – Laminate from Lowes






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