Lake House Reno – Update

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been insanely busy and have been totally neglecting my little blog and I apologize for that! I have been steadily staging, which has been great, while juggling my other office job and our home renovations have FINALLY started.IMG_0097

I know I posted a few months ago about our plans for our renovations and what our ideas were. So, I have taken some time today to sit down with you guys to talk about and show you the renovations so far. I know I have been sharing the renovations on my Instagram Story but I thought it was time to blog.

DEMO DAY. Mike and I did some minor demoing, like ripping our closets in the past but for this reno, we only had to rip out my faux brick wall that I did a few years ago. Our wonderful contractor had to do the rest like, rip up all the trim, floors, take out windows and add doors. However, Mike has done all the new electrical in our home which has helped save our wallets.

IMG_0089For the flooring we chose, a Hickory Barn Wood Laminate. We chose laminate because we have a doggy with giant feet and claws, Mike says I’m a reckless person so I’m hard on floors and with all the traffic we have going on in the summer we wanted sometime durable. We also have a budget that we wanted to stick to! So far, flooring has been added to the master bedroom and it looks awesome!IMG_0091.JPG

The trim is pretty simple. While Mike and I were in Nashville last September with some friends we fell in love with the trim at the Air BnB that we were staying at. I call the trim farmhouse trim and we added headers over the doors. The trim is very basic, but we love it, especially for our tiny home.

Bedroom #2 is coming along great! So far, the door has been closed up, 2 windows have been eliminated, our other window has been moved and centred and our stackable laundry built-in has been roughed in. I have been working on some fun doors for the built in that I have mentioned in my IG. I will be blogging about those as soon as they’re installed.



I also get way ahead of myself with renovations and I decided that this weekend was the perfect time to choose some paint colors for the main interior and for our front door. For staging I have a few staple paint colours that I always use for clients but I wanted to try some new colours. With that said, I used some of the paint colours that Jillian Harris has used in her beautiful homes. I chose between Gray Owl, Casual Gray and Wish… and the winner is casual gray! I can’t have a lot of colour in our lake house because its so tiny and I want it to stay white and bright! And of course, I can’t have a ‘normal’ front door colour. So again, copying Jillian Harris, I’m going to go with Athabasca. And don’t worry, we have a new front door, I was just testing it out on our old door.


And lastly, here is a peak of the shutters that I will using for our laundry built-in. Stay tuned for this blog post.


Thank you everyone for the constant support with my Home Staging & our Renovations. And if you’re not following me, you can here & here.


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