Lake House Reno Inspiration

Hello Everyone!

Over the weekend, we met with our contractor regarding our FINAL renovations or what we hope to be final renovations of our little lake house before it is completely finished and ready for the MARKET! With that said, I posted an Instagram photo yesterday mentioning that I would share what are final renovations are going to entail. So, I have gathered the inspiration photos that I have sent to our contractor and placed them here!

Bedroom #1 – Built in closet & and new shiplap accent wall.

Mike and I have already done some major work to our bedroom but it needs more. We have already ripped out our closet and added more storage by adding new dressers and a DIY closet. However, we need more storage. So, I came up with the idea of custom built-ins! The built-ins are going to hold all of our clothes, shoes and bags! We are even adding built-ins to each side of the bed. We are also, ripping out the faux brick wall and adding white shiplap. Below, I have added the inspiration photos that I sent to our contractor and you can click here to see to see the work that we have already done to our bedroom.




Bedroom #2 – Sunroom/office/laundry room transformed into guest bedroom.

This is an odd room. It has 3 giant windows and a door that leads out to our back patio. This room is also used as our laundry room, as it has our stacked washer in dryer in it. You can view what this space currently looks like here. So, the plan in this room is to take out the door to the patio and the windows. We are going to leave one window and centre it on the south wall. We are then going to add a built-in with a door for the washer and dryer. It would be ideal to not have it in this room, but we are going to do our best to hide it as we don’t have another spot for it. And lastly, we are going to add a dark shiplap wall to the east wall where the door was. Check out the inspiration photos below.




Kitchen – Add French doors to back patio, add all new trim and flooring to entire house.

As we take out the back door to our patio we are going to replace our kitchen window with French doors that will be the new entrance to our back patio. We are also going to be adding new paint, trim and flooring to finish the house off.


We are either going to with a dark rich flooring or a light beachy flooring.


And that pretty much entails all the final renovations of our house. I will be posting  the renovations progress on here to keep you guys in the loop! I will also be posting our landscaping work this spring/summer, so stayed tuned!!

I am so excited to get these renovations completed and show you guys all the hard work that we have put into this little house!



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