Charcoal Kitchen Island

Hello Everyone! screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-1-09-02-pm

This week I wanted to share another kitchen update with you guys. As you know, my kitchen is under renovation and it’s slowly coming together. Over the weekend mike and I decided to paint our kitchen island. I have never shared my island before because I’ve been wanting to update it for awhile now.

My plan for the island was to paint it white but give it a farm house/antique look. I also wanted to update the hardware, add new brackets and install a concrete countertop. However, as Mike and I started to paint the island the dark charcoal colour,  we really liked how it looked. We then started to paint overtop of the charcoal with the white and we didn’t like how it was turning out. So, we decided to keep the island charcoal. Now that our entire house is white, the dark island anchors the kitchen and acts as a focal point for this space.



In the photos, you can see that we haven’t added any new hardware as we haven’t installed our concrete countertop yet. Once the countertop has been installed, we will add all the new hardware and share the finished result with you guys.


As for the current countertop, its reclaimed stained wood that Mike had made. For the past few years the countertop has worked great for us, but we’re ready for a change.


And lastly, we have ordered white metal backless stools for this space. The white will really brighten up the island to match the rest of the house.




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