Best Yard Sale Find 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week I am going to chat about one of the best yard sale finds that I have come across this summer so far. And to be honest, I haven’t had as much yard sale shopping time as I accent chairanticipated, however, I have found some great items!

Okay, so my favourite find of 2016 would have to be this round, woven, contemporary chair with mental legs. I absolutely adore this chair. I have used this chair in my house and in almost every staging project! The architecture and design of this chair go perfectly with my style.

Now, lets chat about how I got this chair and what type of state it was in when I received it. I purchased this chair from my neighbour, who was at the time just setting up for his yard sale that was scheduled for the next day. (Tip: If you see someone setting up for a yard sale and you see gdgdfgdg.PNGsomething you like, don’t wait until the next day, stop and grab it now. 9 times of out 10 the person setting up for the sale isn’t going to care and they will most likely give you a better price.) So, with that said, I saw this cool looking chair out of the corner of my eye and then proceeded to walk over to my neighbours to get a better look. When I got there, it looked a little rusty and dirty but I knew I needed it! I bought the chair for $10 and basically ran home and started working on it right away. First, I used some soap and water and gave this chair a much needed bath. Once that was done, I sanded down the mental legs, they were looking really rusty. I then used a flat black spray paint and painted the legs. Within 30 minutes this cool little chair was looking brand new. And not to mention, a few days later a friend sent me a photo of the same chair that she saw at an antique store that was priced at $100. Can you believe it? I got mine for $10!

tha chair

I hoped you guys enjoyed this little yard sale post and scroll down to see more photos of this cool chair and all the places its already been.

chair 1.PNG

condo chair.PNG




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