Down Cres.

Hello Everyone!

I have been super busy staging and de-staging this past week. And not to mention the heat that we are currently experiencing here, is crazy! With all that said, I think the mixture of working, sweating and stressing has made me super sick.. blah.

Anyways, lets talk about this contemporary chic semi that I recently staged in Oshawa. This is a fully renovation house that worked great with my décor decisions. I absolutely loved the turnout, as do my co-workers, realtor and homeowners, BONUS.

For each property that I stage, I chose a style that would best fit the style of the house, the area and the potential buyers that would be interested in this type of home. However, I ALWAYS add a mix of vintage into everything that I stage, because who doesn’t like vintage? Whether it be an old crate, vintage mason jars, an antique lamp, I make it work with each style. Another goal that I try to achieve in each house is to make it feel homey. I think its super important to make a house feel like a home to whoever is viewing it. I see a lot of stagers make houses literally look like show homes, which is great but that style does not look or feel comfortable to me and probably not to the average buyer.

Okay as promised, here are the before & after photos of this Stunning Semi!







before new 1.PNG

after new 1.PNG

before new 2.PNG

after new 2.PNG

before new 3.PNG

after new 3.PNG

bed 2.PNG

new bed.PNG

bed 3.PNG

bed 3 aftwer.PNG


master after.PNG


masterafter 2.PNG

I have also added some photos taken by the photographer!



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