Orchard View Blvd.

Good Morning & Happy Long Weekend!

Yesterday, I was pleased to stage a beautiful condo in North Toronto. For this space I went with a contemporary chic but industrial vibe. I adore how this space turned out. It’s always fun working with different styles and testing out different design concepts.

This was a brand new, never been lived-in condo. With that said, this space was vacant and a blank canvas for my design ideas to flow.

I thoroughly enjoyed staging this condo and happy with the outcome. However, everything is still new, I’m ALWAYS learning new techniques, still sorting out what to do and not to do, continuing to stay organized and as always, trying my best. For each space I stage, I learn something new and take that with me. Everything is a learning curve and will be something that I continue to work on. But all and all, I absolutely love staging along with owning my own business and all the stress that comes along with it.

Without further ado, here is my latest staging project: North Toronto, Contemporary Chic Condo.




before 2

after 2

after 3


before 4

after 4



before 6

after 66



before 8

after 8

after 88

before 9

after 9

after 99

after 999

after 9999

befpre 10

after 10


before 11

after 11.PNG

before 12.PNG

after 12.PNG


before 13.PNG

after 13.PNG

after 133.PNG

after 1333.PNG


before 14.PNG

after 14.PNG

after 144.PNG

master bed.PNG


wall mirror.PNG

master wall.PNG

before 15.PNG

after 15.PNG

m bath.PNG


Also, if anyone is interested in having their house or clients house staged you can message me via email, skyececiliaboyd@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by my little blog today!




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