DIY Adorable Frog Planter

yyrtytrSo the initial goal for these succulent planters was for them to be DINOSAURS instead of frogs. However, finding rubber dino’s a decent size without breaking the bank seemed to be impossible for me so I headed to the dollar store. At this point I was looking for any zoo, farm animal but I had no such luck. Eventually I headed down the garden isle and found rubber garden frogs that were a decent size and could actually hold a succulent, so I went with them!



Originally this is what the rubber frog looked like, pretty boring. before frog.PNG

To add some flare to these little guys I primed and painted them bright pretty colours. But before I did this I used a drill and a whole saw piece to make a circle for the succlent to sit nicely into. Once the paint had fully dried, I added dirt to fill the frog then added the cute succulent.

I loved how these little planters turned out. All together each one costed about $10 to make. The reason being, is that the succulent itself is the most expensive part!

  • Rubber Frog – Dollarama $2.50
  • Succulent – Georgina Garden Centre $6.99
  • Spray Paint – Home Hardware – $9.99




These planters are super easy to make and look cute and fun in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, office or as a gift.

Hope you guys enjoyed these Frog Planters and thank you for stopping by my little blog today!





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