Bedroom Transformation

Hi All!

beforeWelcome to the Skye Cecilia Design Blog.

I will be posting all things Home Design, including my own home décor projects, my staging work, DIY’s and our latest Stone House Burgundy Door projects and booth locations. I hope that you all enjoy this little blog of mine and if you have any questions please comment below!after

Now, lets start with my bedroom transformation! Okay, I will mention this now; I live in a small cottage on Lake Simcoe so I have limited space, with that being said,  be prepared for my craftiest storage solutions when dealing with #smallhouseproblems.

Here is a before and after photo of my bedroom. As you can see, I took out the dated closet and bedroom new 5switched up the old furniture plan. I then added a faux white brick paneling as my accent wall where the closet used to be. I purchased this faux brick paneling from Lowes. I then freshen up the ceiling and walls using a light grey for the walls and a flat white for the ceiling. Next, I purchased some industrial hanging light fixtures from Target and added them to each side of the bed. And finally, I purchased 2 dressers and B5an end table from Ikea and added an industrial bar as my new closet fixture.

Moving forward, I would like to build some type of built in shelves bedside my dresser and closet for some shoe and purse storage. I will blog about that once it’s completed!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog today. Cheers! B4B3





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